“How Can We Help You?”

According to the Police Stress Unit: “Despite all the attention paid to the stress of a police officer’s job, the fact is, that the most intense and potentially destructive stress an officer faces, involves his or her own family conflicts. The disruptive effects of stress which arise in encounters on the streets are occasional and limited in duration. The stress generated by unresolved marital problems is a daily corrosive element which drains an officer’s ability to function effectively.”

“The importance of a stable home life to a police officer’s career is widely recognized; however, few police departments have backed up this fact with systematic programs aimed at reinforcing the family unit.” ¹

Although we were assured of support as we sat through orientation when our husbands were offered the job, we know from personal experience that something such as a shootout or other altercation can happen that will shake you and your husband to the very core and you may not hear from any of the LAPD family. You or he may be struck with a debilitating illness or have a serious accident and you may not hear from any of the LAPD family. Join our organization — and you will hear from us! We will be there for you!

The LAPD family is HUGE – over 8,000 officers and growing. Together we can build a network of wives and families who will be there for each other.

Our “police wife” personality sometimes lets us think we can handle any situation — that we don’t need any help. We can suffer from stress, anxiety, lack of intimacy, as well as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as we deal with issues associated with “the job.” You may be surprised what a hug, a long talk, a prayer, a get-together with other wives, or a meal brought for your family will do for you!

We know … WE’VE BEEN THERE! Let us help.

If you’ve also “been there,” please consider becoming a Club Mentor and supporting other wives. Mentors have been married to a police officer at least 5 years and will make themselves available as part of a rotating team to make phone calls, emails and/or visits in times of need to other member and non-member wives.