“Frequently Asked Questions”

Frequently Asked Questions:

When was the LAPD Wives Association started? The idea for the Association was conceived in the Spring of 2005. We held our first meeting on August 18th, 2005.

Who is invited to attend monthly Association meetings? Anyone who has interest in the Association and its goals is welcome to attend our monthly meetings — you don’t have to join! We hope you will find a place to teach or be taught, to comfort or be comforted, or just come and enjoy the presence of others who know exactly how you feel. We hope you will find it refreshing!

Who can become a member of the LAPD Wives Association? Membership is for women engaged or married to LAPD officers — active, retired or who have reached the “end of watch.”

Why is Association membership just for wives? The LAPD family, including active, retired and deceased spouses, numbers in the tens of thousands — many of whom are seeking different types of support. We have chosen one avenue that we feel we can support well, based on personal experience, and hope that the rest of the LAPD family will support us in our efforts through their well wishes and prayers.

To all of the officers of the LAPD, please accept our heartfelt appreciation for choosing to protect and serve the residents of Los Angeles alongside our husbands. We applaud your persistence with and dedication to an oftentimes thankless job. We hope others will follow our lead and put forth the effort to form support groups to deal with various issues. Perhaps our groups may be able to share a few resources and concentrate on our similarities rather than our differences.

We will continue to pray for all of our officers and their loved ones’ safety and well-being.